Crowdoubt Goes To Applebum

The Old Fire Station isn’t one to host a bad night, and Applebum is up there with the best. A night dedicated to hip-hop and R&B from the 90s to the present day is the best break from drum and bass that anyone could ask for. From Biggie to Drake to TLC and Kelis, all my musical needs and desires were satisfied, and from the faces of everyone else…so were they.

From the moment, I walked through the doors till the end of the night, the atmosphere was electric and the setup, euphoric. The only struggle of the night was choosing between the main room and the engine room as the DJs in each were providing hit after hit of old school classics and current favourites. Every song played was a definite crowd pleaser.

Despite being generally busy, The Old Fire Station was not as packed as it is likely to be at Lollipop. However, the people who attended certainly seemed to all be having a better time than what I usually see on a Friday. A night out should surely be judged on the enjoyment of the people attending, so Applebum was one of the most successful nights I’ve been on in Bournemouth.

With Thursday nights being relatively quiet compared to other nights for students who are looking for a night out, I think there is a market for Applebum to become a more regular occurrence than it currently is. I believe this would actually pull in a bigger crowd as people would have more chance to give it a go, and then see that it is one of the best nights out in Bournemouth.

Applebum was one of my favourite nights out in a while, largely because it acted as an alternative to some repetitive nights out. The drinks were cheap and service at the bars was quick, the music was on point, and the vibe in club was live. I have to give a lot of credit to the DJ, Patrick Nazemi, who not only nailed his song selection and had some near perfect song mixes, but was also very successful at getting the crowd hyped up. FRAU DJ’s overwhelmingly accompanied the engine room with more of the mellow 90’s vibes and all the best tracks from the original R&B artists.

With drinks in hands and the frequent “Oi! This is a tune,” it was blatant that the event was most impressionable on those who went. Applebum is definitely a hit with the Bournemouth public and it is undoubtable that I will be returning along with the masses of contented, yet rather drunk, Applebum lovers.

By Cameron Sahota & Grace Handley


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